How do I become a member of you studio and what benefits does it offer me?

Membership of the studio costs £10.00 -->>

What are your opening times?

The Music Complex opens at 10am for bookings, sales and hire
Rehearsal studios operate from 10am, 7 days a week
Recording studios operate from 10am, 7 days a week

Where can I park?

Our section of Tanners Hill (the road we are on), is restricted to loading and unloading only Mon - Sat, 7am - 6.30pm. Other than directly outside, there is a carpark virtually across the road but you have to go round the oneway system to access it:

see the map for reference -->>

What are the prices of your rooms?

See the room rates page in rehearsals department -->>

Can I pay by credit card?

YES, we accept all major credit cards with the new chip and pin service

Can I pay over the phone by card?

YES, we accept all major credit and debit cards
ALL NON-MEMBERS will need to pay in advance for rehearsal bookings and recording bookings will require a deposit to be paid and this is the easiest way: 020 8691 6666

Do the rehearsal rooms come with equipment built into the hourly rate?

NO, all rooms are supplied with a P.A. system & 3 SM58's. No Backline (drums and amplifiers) is supplied. Should you want to rent some equipment for your rehearsal, see the backline rates page in our rehearsal dept -->>

What deals/discounts do you have on offer for rehearsals?

See Deals -->>